Summer – When does it start for you?

“Finally it is Summer.” That is the sentence I hear uttered on the lips of parents in the playground or my family and friends.

It’s no surprise really with the record breaking heatwave we Brits have had throughout May. An according to the newspapers the glorious sunshine, long summer days and hot weather could be set continue and be here to stay for the next month or so (fingers crossed but don’t take my word for it).


In a survey carried out by Little Tikes, involving over 2000 people. They found that on average most Brits don’t actually know when summer actually begins, even though more then 63% stated that it is their favourite season.

From the findings, they were able to figure out that for almost a quarter (23%) believed that summer began when the weather began to turn warmer, whereas that majority believe that it was the first week in June and some even believed that summer didn’t start until that beginning of that school summer holidays.

I as a parent am very guilty of all of the above and I didn’t actually know that Summer officially begins on the 21st June during the Solstice.

photo sourced from Pixabay

But this got me thinking about all the different ways people recognised that summer had begun. So I read on and found that for one in ten Brits summer begins with the first whiffs of burgers and sausages sizzling away on the BBQ or the sound of happy children playing in their garden, the first spray of sun cream and even the Queen’s birthday.

For me, it is my first proper walk down the woods near where I live. Just being able to walk through and smell the fresh scents of nature, seeing the rows upon rows of beautiful bluebells (I know they signify spring) and listening to the songs of the birds, high up in the trees. It is my bliss, my tranquility and for me, it is the beginning of summer.


Now this may make the impression that I spend a good chunk of my summer outdoors but honestly, I am the same as over half the people that took this survey and I know that I do not spend enough time outside enjoying everything that summer has to offer and that I too, like them want to make a change and I am making steps or should I say walks to towards that goal.

And if you’re like me and find yourself thinking you or your family don’t spend enough time outdoors, then make a change and find fun things to do outside, such as; go for a walk, have a picnic, have a water fight, play in the paddling pool, sandbox or on the swingset.

Just go out this summer and have some fun.

x Nikki x

This was a sponsored post but all thoughts, feelings and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Summer – When does it start for you?

  1. I love being outside in the sun, I try and work in my garden as much as I can and Dog walks in the sun are even better 🙂


  2. For me summer starts when I see everyone rocking their summer clothes, the screams of children in the parks and dogs being walked up and down the street!


  3. Everyone has been talking about Summer haven’t they, and probably haven’t realised it hasn’t officially started yet! It’s been great getting outside though and long may it continue


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